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 UltiGuides Rules

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PostSubject: UltiGuides Rules   Tue Mar 23, 2010 4:29 am


1. Post in the correct category. Read the forum descriptions if you are confused.
2. Use good grammar. Basically start sentences with a capital and end it with a punctuation.
3. Don't double post. That's when you post one after another instead of editing your existing first post.
4. Don't cross post. That's when you repeat a post in multiple threads or categories.
5. Create relevent subjects for threads. Shit like "OMG" for a subject is immature and asinine.
6. When posting content from another site credit the site, use quotes and link (unless competiting forum which you shouldn't post their content) to original content.
7. Be kind to others. How hard is it not to be an asshole?
8. Speak and write in English, keep this site international.


1. Have a good title. Usually or preferably a title that is related to the program/software you use for your guide.

Example: Audacity - Cutting Music

2. Decide a Skill or a difficulty of the Guide for someone to understand the difficulty of it.

Example: Skill = Noob

3. Make it more interesting by Adding Images and/or Links.

A good example of a Guide can be found HERE
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UltiGuides Rules
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