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 UltiGuides: What is this site about?

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PostSubject: UltiGuides: What is this site about?   Tue Mar 23, 2010 9:46 am

What is this site about?

Basically, what you're doing here on this forum is either making a guide to share with others, or just sniffing around for guides that interest you!

The goal of this site is to make members write their guides and to get more activity going, as more people come in to write guides, the more people will want to check the site for new guides! It's a source of guides made by different members. All in one forum! And we make categories for them!

The Hall of Fame is a list of members that have sucessfully written a specific amount of Guides approved by Admins.
You can check the Hall of Fame HERE.

-Thank you for taking your time reading this! I Hope this site will eventually make it to be a little bigger each day! We are still working hard on it!

Our Registered Member Goals:

[10] = False
[20] = False
[50] = False
[100] = False
[200] = False
[200+] = False
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UltiGuides: What is this site about?
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